Our cakes

We make all manner of little cakes and big cakes for all occasions.

Cupcakes, cake bites, whoopie pies, fondant fancies, cake pops, macaroons, mini victoria sandwiches – they’re all in at the moment, and we love to make more traditional cakes too.  All our cakes can be supplied in a range of flavours – from traditional vanilla, chocolate or carrot, to the more exotic pistachio, or mint choc!

We decorate and personalise our cakes to your request with edible decorations.

Celebration cakes

Our cakes are great for:Wedding cupcakes

  • weddings, birthdays, parties, baby showers

Or at special times of the year:

  • Easter, Christmas, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Valentine’s Day
  • Mothers’ day, Fathers’ day,
  • Royal weddings, Diamond Jubilee

Or as a gift to say:

  • Thank you, Congratulations, Sorry, or I love you

Or just because…