Creating a cake studio in Berkshire

This week we started renovating the studio building in our garden to become the new A Little Cake Studio.  Half the roof blew off at Christmas, and we’d patched over it with a couple of tarpaulins.  As the weather had improved we decided the time had come to start the work.  Eventually it will be a fully kitted out cake studio, which we’re very excited about.  For now though the first job was to build another shed, so we had space to hold all the contents of the studio (mostly stuff left there from the day we moved in).  Once the studio was emptied, the first job was to get the old roof off and replace it with a new one.  Now we’re sanding down the window frames and will be painting them shortly.

It’s not going to be an instant job, but we can’t wait for the studio to be finished.  We’ll be making cupcakes, wedding cakes and our lovely new home in the heart of Berkshire very soon.  We’ll keep you posted with progress.